The leading pricing, analytics and market data offered through ICE Data Services support mission-critical processes across the front, middle and back offices of organizations around the world. With products such as our end-of-day evaluated pricing, continuous fixed income evaluated pricing, best execution services, and ICE Liquidity IndicatorsTM, we’re able to support intraday, real-time decision-making within financial organizations and help link strategic objectives with day-to-day actions. We calculate and publish independent evaluations for approximately 2.7 million fixed income and international equity securities each day, including hard-to-value, thinly traded fixed income issues, provide trusted reference data for more than 13 million financial instruments, offer a low latency consolidated feed that connects hundreds of sources, publish leading market indices against which industry or security performance can be measured, and license for critical benchmarks like LIBOR and the LBMA Gold Price.

Evaluations & Calculated Pricing Tools

High quality evaluated pricing for securities & portfolio valuations for derivatives.

As a leader in data services, we price securities across multiple asset classes including fixed income, derivatives, credit and OTC securities.

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Evaluated Pricing »

Established and comprehensive evaluated pricing coverage, quality, independence and delivery in fixed income markets.

Continuous Evaluated Pricing »

Access evaluated pricing in real-time across several asset classes including corporate bonds, emerging markets, TBA mortgages and municipal bonds to enhance pre-trade transparency and trading workflow.

ICE Data Derivatives »

Comprehensive cross-asset services covering the trading lifecycle.


A suite of tools designed to inform trading and risk management strategies.

Spanning fixed income and derivatives markets, our intelligent analytics tools help you measure best execution, analyze liquidity, manage credit risk, value securities and price derivatives.

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Best Execution Service »

Measure and manage bond trade execution quality and address regulatory compliance.

ICE Bond Curves »

Gain more insight into financial markets with bond curves for investment management, risk, market trend analysis and relative value research.

ICE Data Analytics »

Analyze holdings, distributions and performance of fixed income and multi-asset class portfolios.

ICE Connect »

Manage price and currency risk with real-time market data, charting, analytics and news.

ICE Liquidity Indicators »

Measure liquidity risk in your portfolio.

ICE Credit Risk »

Enabling faster decision making, better alpha generation and compliance with accounting standards.

Index Services & ETF Solutions

Enhancing your decisions and investing processes.

Our multi-asset class index services and ETF solutions support all aspects of the benchmarking and performance measurement process — enabling users to manage assets and workflow efficiently.

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Fixed Income Indices »

Covering over 4,800 indices, tracking more than $68 trillion in debt across 40 currencies.

Equity Indices »

This index family supports ETPs, options, futures, structured products and insurance products.

Commodity Indices »

Designed to provide a liquid, consistent, representative and cost-efficient benchmark for measuring commodity market performance.

Index Customization »

Robust customization capabilities and self-indexing raw materials to help you create and maintain indices tailored to particular investment strategies, such as ETFs.

ETF Services »

Leverage end-to-end service from idea inception, index development and calculation with ICE Data Services, to product listing and trading with the New York Stock Exchange.

Compliance & Regulation

Transparency and reporting

Take advantage of high-quality market information and regulatory tools to address transparency and reporting requirements.

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Regulatory Solutions »

From MiFID II compliance to support for Form N-PORT as part of the SEC report modernization, our regulatory-related services can help you comply with global regulations.

Regulatory Insights »

A portal created to provide information about regulations affecting the industry.

Tick History Services »

Make more informed decisions and comply with regulations using raw and normalized historical data in a range of flexible formats.

Reference Data Solutions

Broad Asset Coverage

We provide reference data for more than 10 million financial instruments, tracking key data points such as terms and conditions, corporate actions, entity linkages and identification information. For more than 5,000 commercial market participants, our reference data is an essential component of the full securities lifecycle across pre-trade, post-trade, settlement, reporting, risk mitigation and compliance.

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Terms & Conditions Data »

This service includes detailed terms and conditions data for debt (corporate, government, agency, municipal) and preferred and convertible stock, including call, put and sinking fund schedules, conversion details, coupon reset terms, payment-in-kind and step-up data, and default and credit enhancement data for municipal bonds.

Corporate Actions »

Our Corporate Actions service provides comprehensive and timely global content with exceptional depth of data, uses flexible delivery channels and can help with risk management activities including features to show the audit trail.

Business Entity Service »

Providing comprehensive business entity information alongside security-level reference data and covers U.S. and international equities and bonds, including corporate, government, agency, municipal, and structured securities.

Corporate Actions for NYSE Group Listings »

Reports providing over 60 different corporate actions types for all equities listed on NYSE Group, including but not limited to cash dividends, stock dividends, distributions, splits, new listings, suspensions and delistings.

Exchange Traded Derivatives »

Automating the collection of data and normalizing it across the ICE repository, we provide a broad source of reference data for your portfolio of benchmark futures and options contracts.

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